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How to Buy a Mobile Phone on EMI Without a Credit Card?

Once mobile phones were considered as an expensive piece of tech, only the executives were deemed worthy of possessing them. In today’s world, they’re not even considered a commodity.

However, they have now become very essential. They’ve always been a useful tool for students. They are mandatory for students in some colleges. With the pandemic, when every academic activity has shifted to online, mobile phones are convenient tech tools to keep the students engaged in their learning.

They are equally necessary, if not more, for working professionals. It’s no surprise why they’re overwhelmingly preferred by many.

Mobile phone usage has also grown significantly due to the reduction in their prices. But still, they can be considered as costly, especially for students. The majority of the cost for students goes to the hefty college tuition fees.

Credit cards are not a viable option for students or their parents.

A great option would be buying a nice phone on EMIs. You can do it online, or at any store you like.

The general thinking is that the only way to get a mobile phone is through exhausting your savings. When you realize the many benefits of buying it through EMIs, you’ll experience a paradigm shift. It makes more sense to opt for EMIs than to shell out your hard cash.

Here are Some Ultimate Benefits of Buying a Mobile Phone on EMI:


Maintenance of Your Savings

If you buy a mobile phone on EMI, you don’t have to gather the finance amount upfront. The payment you make is simple and easy, from your monthly salary. It ensures your savings are not altered much.

Easy Repayment Option

It makes no sense to pay everything upfront when there is an EMI option available for your purchases, especially for the mobile phones. EMIs provide flexible repayment tenure. It usually ranges from 6 to 36 months. Depending on what suits you, you can select the duration of the repayment.

You Get Quick Approval

You don’t have to worry about missing out on great mobile phone prices during the sale season. In many cases, your smartphone loans will be approved within just 24 hours.

 Very Affordable EMIs

The best thing about buying a mobile phone on EMI is, the installments can be very low. It is very convenient to accommodate it in your monthly budget. It won’t be seen as another financial burden.

Buy Mobile Phones on EMI With BNPL

Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) is a very modern method of payment. BNPL service providers lend you instant credit, allow you to make purchases directly, and payback through installments.

There are many BNPL apps that help you become financially flexible. They not only give you credit but will also reward you with points when you make the repayments.

You wouldn’t believe it, there are some BNPL apps like Zeropay, that don’t charge any interest on the credit you receive. One more fascinating thing, there is no extra charge on late repayment, isn’t this incredibly convenient?

The BNPL method of payment is so different and so much better than credit cards. Many credit card users are significantly shifting to this, due to the low risks involved.

These apps are smartly designed. They particularly appeal to the young.

Using them, you can easily buy your favorite smartphones. You can shop from a range of popular mobile phone brands. The mobile phone finance process is easy, paperwork-free, and completely online. There are no hassles in getting the loan, it happens instantly.

You can purchase your dream phone now and pay for it later, that too in EMIs.

Buy Mobile Phones With Consumer Durable Loans


Let’s explore another option. Consumer durable loans are offered by top finance companies.

To utilize this facility, you need to shop for your desired phone at one of their partnered outlets.

You can either apply for the loan directly at the bill counter, or you can do it online on their website.

Documentation required is usually very minimal. If your documents are in order, your loan will be easily approved. You can walk out with your mobile phone on the same day.

The primary advantage of consumer durable loans is low-interest rates. They are also subject to your credit score and the principal loan amount.

End Thoughts

Mobile phones or to be precise smartphones have now become a necessity. What has also become essential is the required features and configurations depending on the nature of our use.

The above-mentioned methods will allow you to comfortably buy a mobile phone without having anything to do with a credit card. Wishing you happy shopping.

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