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How To Buy a Laptop On EMI Through Zeropay?

When your budget is already limited, you’re looking for excuses to buy a laptop if you need one or desire one but can’t afford one. Though it is initially costly, if used for the right purposes, they usually pay for themselves. 

Here are a few reasons to buy a laptop, which is understandably a large expenditure for most individuals. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, a new laptop can be an expensive purchase. As a result, you want to make sure that acquiring one is the appropriate decision.

Today, everyone needs a laptop with a high processing speed and excellent graphics. Whether you use your laptop for work or play, a speedy, modern system with adequate processing power is now required.

The drawback is that a good laptop with the most up-to-date technology costs a hefty sum. A laptop with an i5 processor costs roughly Rs. 40,000, while gaming computers cost upwards of Rs. 1 lakh.

So, if you’re short on cash, how can you afford an excellent laptop? Should you put it off till you have the funds? The answer is yes, you may buy a laptop on EMI. 

Yes, you did read that correctly! Buying gadgets and consumer durables on EMI is now easier than ever before. You can have your desired computer straight away when you buy a laptop on EMI. The laptop’s cost can then be repaid in monthly installments (EMIs) at your leisure.

Let’s have a look at the different benefits of getting a laptop on EMI before we look at how to buy a laptop on EMI without a downpayment.

The Advantages of Buying a Laptop on EMI

  • You Don’t Have to Spend Your Money

You don’t need to have extra cash if you’re taking out a laptop loan or buying a laptop on EMIs. You may easily fit your EMI payments into your regular monthly budget without having to dip into your savings.

  • Convenient Repayment

Rather than paying the entire sum all at once, you can pay it in regular monthly installments. There are usually repayment options ranging from 8 to 36 months, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

  • There is no interest rate.

If you apply for a consumer durable loan directly with a bank or an NBFC, you will be charged interest, which can range from 12 to 15% depending on the lender, your CIBIL score, and the amount. 

If your appliance dealer offers an EMI option, you can typically acquire it with no interest as part of their promotional deals. Credit card providers frequently offer to convert your balance into EMIs as part of promotions or at a low-interest rate.

  • Instant Acceptance

The majority of consumer durable loans are approved instantly. You don’t need to provide any documentation other than your ID and proof of address if you buy it from a dealer.

Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) is a relatively new payment technique. You can get quick credit from BNPL service providers, which allows you to make purchases directly and pay back in installments.

There are numerous BNPL apps that might assist you in becoming more financially flexible. They will not only lend you money but will also reward you with points if you pay it back on time.

You won’t believe it, but some BNPL apps, such as Zeropay, don’t charge interest on the credit they provide. Another noteworthy feature is that there are no additional fees for late payments. Isn’t that fantastic?

What is ZEROPAY? 

ZeroPay is a system that introduces next-generation credit with no interest and no late fees. Almost anything, from cars to closets, could be bought in a matter of seconds. 

ZeroPay stresses simplicity and ease of use for both customers and partners. Rather than conducting exclusive transactions with affiliated partners, the app employs an over-the-top (OTT) strategy, in which merchants are brought on board as and when users make payments.

You can purchase anything from businesses that are linked to the Zero Pay Afterwards App and then easily reimburse the amount using the Zero Pay Later App later. You have six weeks to return the money and three installments to pay it back. Currently, the software is only available for Android devices, but it will soon be available for iOS devices as well.

Why Should You Buy a Laptop on EMI With ZeroPay? 

Any payment made with your ZeroPay balance is converted into an EMI. There is no downpayment, and the complete sum is due in two-week increments for a total of six weeks from the purchase date. 

Simply repeat the 34 percent -33 percent cycle every two weeks. They don’t charge any interest or late fees. You can use ZeroPay at any store, both offline and online.

Main Features: 

1. You have the freedom to shop whenever and wherever you want: 

Shop at any of the registered ‘Zero Pay Later’ retailers. You have the option of purchasing something and paying for it later. As a result, you may now buy anything without spending a single money!

2. Straightforward Documentation: 

To begin, Zero Pay Later does not necessitate the completion of hundreds of pages of documentation. The only pieces of documentation required are an Aadhar card, a PAN card, and a bank statement. It’s as simple as that.

3. No interest: 

There is no interest and no down payment. There would be no further interest charged on the repaid amount. 

4. Automated procedure: 

From registration through eligibility verification, the entire system is computerized. You can check your eligibility for Zero Pay Later in a matter of seconds by entering a few facts.

5. There are no late fees: 

There are no late fees in this establishment. You will not be charged a penalty if you pay the balance late. Payments can be made in installments that are suitable for you.

6. Pay in three easy installments: 

You may pay in three easy installments with Zero Pay Later. Pay 34% of the total in the first two weeks, 33% in the next two weeks, and the remaining 33% in the third and fourth weeks. Isn’t it straightforward? 

Zero Pay Later is a true revolution. You are given credit and can return it without any hidden fees or interest. You can buy anything you want with no deposit required. It is a highly secure platform, so don’t wait and download it right away.

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