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Why youngsters are spending a lot of money? Manage your finances with ZeroPay

Managing finances for young adults is a necessary life skill that contributes to shaping their tomorrow. The young minds of today portray a wholesome knowledge of the latest trends, trading and whatnot. 

The next age generation believes in investing in their experiences and lifestyle rather than for future purposes. But while spending money on fabricating their life, they tend to forget to balance their finances and cash flow. 

This article will address the topic of how to manage your finances with ZeroPay,  a BNPL application and simple money management tips. 

Why Youngsters Are Spending A Lot Of Money?

Youngsters tend to have a different perspective towards life and in managing their needs and wants. In early times, people easily differentiated between their needs and wants. 

But with the increased involvement of technology in our lives and the shift in the mindset of today’s people gradually resulted in minimizing the gap between needs and wants. 

Youngsters developed an attitude of living in the moment, believing to celebrate every moment to their fullest. They prefer more to spend money on lifestyles and experiences than something solid. 

The BNPL application ZeroPay enters into the picture to balance their cash flow while spending on their needs and wants. 

Managing Finances For Young Adults With BNPL Application

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) applications provide a small amount of loan to the user without charging any interest. 

BNPL applications have upgraded the finance management approach for the young generation, making it more simple and fruitful. 

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) applications contribute to maintaining the cash flow and replacing the credit card. BNPL application supports the concept of relishing an ideal balanced life of luxury and needs. 


ZeroPay is India’s first OTT app that offers buy now pay later. ZeroPay is a BNPL application, allowing users to avail a small loan without any interest. 

The application operates on a ‘network effect’ approach in which a user automatically onboards a businessperson by simply making a purchase from the businessperson. 

ZeroPay has made managing finances for young adults an easy and hassle-free process. It has eliminated the hassles faced by the users in the onboarding processes by offering a KYC process that takes less than 45 seconds for verification. 

The loans are disbursed based on the credit score of a user, and the repayment is taken in three instalments ( 34%-33%-33%) without charging any interest on the loan amount.

ZeroPay solves the problem of affordability. It keeps the purchasing power of the consumer intact. ZeroPay offers small credit to the consumers at minimal to zero interest for a short period of time, allowing an increase in the affordability power of consumers. 

It also allows users to plan their expenses and enjoy the desired life in a better manner. 

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Simple Money Management Tips

Money management is one of the important life skills. Managing finance requires both knowledge and discipline. Listing 3 simple money management tips: 

  1. Create a budget 

Evaluate all your expenses and create a budget according to your requirements. Budget consolidates fixed and recurring expenditure and extra money, providing you with an idea of how much amount you have to spend for each category. 

Budget your line of financial control, one that you shall not cross under any circumstances. It will help you to control and plan your finance responsibly. 

  1. Pay Yourself First

Make sure you save money for yourself first. Whenever you get a paycheck, the first thing you should do is put a part of it away as savings for yourself. Then, forget the money you have put aside as savings and not touch it unless it is for a major financial emergency. 

  1. Find ways to pay less interest on your debts

Opt for BNPL applications to avail the advantage of interest-free debts. BNPL applications decline the gap between purchasing power and expense. BNPL application allows the user to take the decision to buy the desired things and services. 


It is a fact that youngsters do spend a lot of money.  A systematic approach to their expenditure and following all these simple money management hacks can help them become financially smart. 

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