How To Get Interest Free Money Online

How To Get Interest Free Money Online? – Zeropay To The Rescue

Money management is the topmost priority among the young population today. There are various ideas or principles as to how can one manage monetary situations. Every youngster has a different way of implementing financial regulations to manage their expenses. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the after-effects of lockdown on youngsters have shown a comprehensive shift in financial situations and employment levels. According to the data from CMIE-CPHS, the employment rate fell the sharpest for the people of the 15-23 age group. 

In such situations, today’s generation has chosen to invest efficiently in lifestyle rather than saving up for the future. 

However, be it travel, food, shopping, etc., money management comes with a basic understanding of the credits, bank statements, taxes, interest rate, etc. The process can be lengthy for today’s generation. 

The inputs of receivable and payable can sometimes keep us in a puzzled zone. In the era of digital India, people look at how to get free money. Youngsters choose to stay away from credit cards that charge an enormous interest rate leading to long-term debt. 

What is Intrest-Free Money Payment?

Interest-free financing or easy monthly payments are the most accessible modes of paying back. Whether you make a valuable purchase out of your budget, you can choose an interest-free money payment mode to repay the exact amount in the given time frame. The benefit of interest -free money online has made many people’s life easier.

Many point-of-sale financing companies in India offer credit amounts to youngsters, but many charges on an actual interest rate. And late or missed payments can negatively affect your credit.

Regardless of how much money one earns, it is necessary to create balance in the finances. Suppose you require an easy solution on how to get free money without any interest. In that case, it’s time to tag along with Zeropay, India’s first OTT app’s simple money management tips. 

What is Zeropay?

Buy now, pay later. Zeropay is India’s first Over-The-Top (OTT), and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) application allowing users to avail themselves of a small loan without any interest. Zeropay, a FinTech startup, is user-friendly for people looking to get free money online without paying any interest. 

The Zeropay application was built to bring a healthy credit environment among the younger population and enable customers to find solutions for their financial management. By avoiding the lengthy progress of credit card applications, Zeropay has proven the next-best alternative. 

Zeropay application is unlike any other credit application. The app comes with benefits for the users in terms of repayment. Users can use Zeropay when they are willing to do year-end shopping or cut down more minor expenses every month.

How Does Zeropay Work?

The unique OTT-based BNPL platform is an efficient model created for users based on a network that automatically on-boards a vendor by purchasing from the vendor. Zeropay users can shop without clarifying if the respective vendor is affiliated with the platform. 

To offer the user with direct and hassle-free credit experience, Zeropay follows a simple KYC verification process that includes filling in Aadhar card and PAN card details that take less than 45 seconds to complete. Zeropay follows a simple payback cycle of 34%-33%-33% every two weeks.

Once the KYC process is complete, the loans are paid out based on the credit score verification of the user. By charging zero interest on any loan amount, the application thoroughly runs on the profit gained from each transaction of the vendors. 

One can shop at any store and purchase depending on the assigned loan amount. Further, the application does not impose a late payment penalty on the users, making it easier for those who need free money now without any interest rate.

Apart from making purchases online, users can also make offline purchases by simply opening a QR code scanner on the Zeropay app, scanning the merchant UPI ID QR code, and paying your down payment. Later, your purchase made will be converted into an EMI option.

Other Benefits of Zeropay Application

Apart from NOT paying any interest rate on your expenses and finding a way how to get free money online, Zeropay makes sure to keep its users connected. Every user ears ZOOP points on using the application. The ZOOP points allow users to buy rewards and discounts on their purchases.

Zeropay also lets the user invite friends and family to use the app. On this, the user earns a reward when the invitees use Zeropay. The application has a sound customer service system wherein one can contact Zeropay via WhatsApp, Email or Call.

The most thoughtful way to get free money online is the Zero way! Today, ZeroPay application has uprooted the problem of affordability and kept the purchasing power intact. 

Balancing financial expenditures has become easier for youngers with Zeropay. With ZeroPay application, anyone can plan their expenses and enjoy affordability in the desired way.

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