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How do I sign up for Zeropay?

Please follow the onscreen prompts to register with us. You must provide your Aadhaar, PAN and 6 months of bank statement. Our registration process allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting your registration application to us. Please check the application carefully before confirming it.

How do Rewards and Zoop points work?

You earn ZOOP points every time you use Zeropay. ZOOP points allows you to buy rewards which automatically get added as discounts to your purchases at the point of sale.

How does Zeropay make money?

We charge a small percentage of the transaction amount to our affiliate partners. Don’t worry we never charge any hidden fees.

How does Zeropay EMI work?

We convert any payment within your ZeroPay balance into an EMI. There’s no downpayment and the entire amount is due in intervals of 2 weeks in a total of 6 weeks from the date of purchase. Just follow the cycle of 34%-33%-33% every two weeks. We charge 0% interest and no late fees. You can …

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How do I use Zeropay at Offline stores?

It’s really easy. Just open the QR code scanner on the Zeropay app and Scan any merchant UPI ID QR code and pay your down payment. Your purchase will be turned into an EMI.

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