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How to buy gold jewelry on EMI when you are low on budget?

Old is gold. But old methods of buying gold are not so golden. They are heavy on the pocket and restrain your budget to a huge extent.

Gold jewelleries are great financial assets that also help us to bring out elegance and culture through designs. 

But their high value restricts our buying options. You cannot buy a piece of jewellery whenever you want without planning, especially when you are low on budget.

This is where the option of EMI comes in. It enables you to buy the gold jewellery now and pay for it in the future in manageable chunks. It is a convenient, feasible, and smart option chosen by many people nowadays.  

This blog explores how to buy gold jewellery on EMI when you are low on budget. Keep reading to find out.

Advantages of buying gold Jewellery on EMI:

Buying gold jewellery is like making an investment as the value of gold keeps increasing. However, buying it at once can be heavy on the pocket. That’s why many people now prefer to buy gold on EMI. 

But besides the obvious benefit of paying the amount in manageable chunks, what are the other benefits you get when you buy gold jewellery on installments? Isn’t it better to just save up and buy gold jewellery later? Well, no. The EMI option brings in a couple of benefits with it.

Some of them are listed and explored below:

  1. It’s easy on the wallet:

When you buy gold on EMI, you don’t have to put pressure on your wallet. It will enable you to continue living your lifestyle without the need of cutting down on any budgets. It will also allow you to invest your money where it can grow.

  1. It becomes affordable:

Buying gold jewellery on EMI online is more affordable than buying it all at once. It will allow you to buy more while paying off its costs in manageable chunks. Moreover, you don’t have to save your money for months before buying the jewellery.

  1. Gives you the freedom to buy:

You can buy gold jewellery on installments whenever you want and own it the very next moment without paying the total amount. Choosing the EMI option gives you the freedom to get whatever you want without any wait.

  1. Helps you in planning an efficient budget: 

When there is an option to pay a fixed amount in specific intervals of time, planning your budget around becomes easier. It will help you manage your money efficiently without the need to pull out your hair. It also allows you to make future financial planning since you would have an idea of the time frame during which you have to pay your EMI.

  1. Provides you with the ability to buy what you want:

This reason may sound like a no-brainer. But if you think about it, there is no guarantee that the piece of jewellery that you want today will not be sold out after a few weeks. So if you decide to save and buy, then you might miss out on the jewellery piece that you have set your eyes on. But buying it on EMI gives you the ability to buy what you want before it is sold out.

Why should you buy gold jewellery on EMI with ZeroPay?

ZeroPay has become everyone’s go-to choice for buying something. Its Buy Now Pay Later policy with zero interest is catching everyone’s attention and interest. But deciding whether buying jewellery with ZeroPay is a good idea or not can be a difficult task.

Here are some reasons why you should consider buying gold jewellery with EMI:

  1. Zero interest on EMI payments:

ZeroPay highly believes in lending 0% interest loans to the users. So you don’t have to pay an extra amount in the form of interest every month just because you want to buy a good piece of jewellery. With ZeroPay’s 0% interest, you can go ahead and buy jewellery without holding yourself back.

  1. No late fees:

ZeroPay doesn’t charge a late fee if you miss a repayment. Yes, yes, ZeroPay is amazing. The company knows that it is totally natural to forget the repayment date. However, it doesn’t support late repayments either. So you will just get a friendly reminder from the company in case you miss your repayment

  1. 3 easy installments:

ZeroPay has a 34-33-34 system. It means that you can repay 34% in the 1st two weeks, 33% in the 2nd two weeks, and 34% in the 3rd two weeks. It makes your budgeting easy while also helping you to buy the jewellery that you have got your eye on.

  1. Automated repayments:

Life is already busy with too many things to remember. Adding an EMI payment in your list of ‘things to remember’ can be stressful. ZeroPay enables you to automate your repayment when you complete the ENACH process. After the payment is done, you will get a message about the payment details from ZeroPay.

  1. No long documentation process: 

Now, you might be thinking that all these benefits of ZeroPay would come only after tedious, long, and boring documentation. But you are definitely wrong about that. You do not need to complete a hundred pages of documentation just to avail ZeroPay’s facilities. 

Your registration process can be completed with just three things, which are Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and Bank Statement. All of these documents can be uploaded online. Thus, you can complete the registration process within minutes.

The Takeaway:

We have all heard the phrase “Patience is bitter, but bears a sweet fruit” since childhood. But no one is planting here, duh. 

While patience is still useful in many areas of life, nowadays going and getting the jewellery you want before you lose it is a wiser choice. 

ZeroPay helps you do the same with its Buy Now Pay Later policy. So don’t be hesitant to just ZeroPay and get the gold jewellery before it’s gone.

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