Financial Express talks about zeropay

Financial Express takes note of ZeroPay’s unique approach to BNPL

The Financial Express, the Indian business newspaper owned by The Indian Express Group, has taken note of ZeroPay’s first of its kind BNPL product and published an article on their widely visited website on 9th Nov 2021.

Our approach towards a fairer solution to end users’ woes with respect to the way credit card companies exploit users has garnered much deserving attention from one of the top business news publishers and has made its way to thousands of people across the country.

The article has focused on the USP of ZeroPay – zero late charges, zero interest and zero hidden charges. Thus, giving credit card companies a run for their money.

Keeping in mind the adoption of online shopping and online transactions across the country’s demographics, we have been able to reach out to a wide age-group – from the baby boomers till the Gen-Z.

The article has also taken note of the common features that are made better at ZeroPay. 

 ‘Customer is the king’ has now gone a step ahead and become “Customers’ Convenience is what really matters” and the same has been addressed by our product through quick KYC procedure, shop from anywhere, 3 equal and easy installments.

The renowned business information provider has also emphasized on the need of a healthier credit environment which does not encourage financial exploitation on people with need of small credit, like the credit card companies have been doing.

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