Getting Started

  • How do I sign up for Zeropay?

    Please follow the onscreen prompts to register with us. You must provide your Aadhaar, PAN and 6 months of bank statement. Our registration process allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting your registration application to us. Please check the application carefully before confirming it.

  • What documents are required for KYC (Know your customer) to use Zeropay?

    Your Aadhaar and PAN card are needed for your mandatory KYC. The Zeropay app automatically generates a KYC in seconds.

  • Why does Zeropay have to verify my identity via KYC?

    We will only be able to make funds available to you if a KYC has been generated on your behalf. This is in accordance with Zeropay policy, as recommended by RBI and the concerned Govt. authorities.

  • Why am I not eligible for a Zeropay EMI?

    Zeropay holds the right to reject any user from using Zeropay. This may be due to a history of default or bad bureau score along with many other factors. If you feel this is not applicable to you please contact us anytime and we will help you and support you in getting on boarded and using Zeropay.

  • Purchases & Payments

  • What happens if I miss my repayment?

    You are reminded prior to your repayments and on the day of the repayment so always remember to have sufficient funds with you. In the situation you are unable to repay please contact the Zeropay team immediately. If repayment is missed you will no longer be able to make purchases using Zeropay. We will attempt to recover the payment from you for four days after which we inform our concerned NBFC partner and your bureau score/report is updated. Zeropay reserves the right to use recovery agencies if we feel so, in extreme cases( i.e repayments due beyond 1 month) Zeropay will raise a legal notice and proceed with a legal course of action.

  • What happens if I am unable to repay my payments to Zeropay?

    We do not charge any late fees but highly discourage missing repayments. Make sure you get in touch with the Zeropay team prior to missing a repayment. We are always here to help and support you.

  • How much interest will I be charged on my EMI repayments?

    You will be charged 0% interest, it says so in our name Zeropay.

  • Does Zeropay charge late fees?

    Absolutely not, Zeropay does not charge any sorts of late fees or hidden fees. It’s our duty to enhance your wallet and your life.

  • How do I know if my repayments have been successful?

    You will receive an SMS, a WhatsApp notification and an in-app notification. In the situation you’re still unsure if we have received your payment or any other payment related issues feel free to get in touch with the Zeropay team any time.

  • Why do you charge processing fees with certain payments?

    When it comes to using Zeropay at our affiliate partners like Amazon, Flipkart and 250+ brands we do not charge any types of fees. To enable our shop anywhere feature we charge a standard processing fee regardless of the size of the payment.

  • What if I want to spend more than my Zeropay balance?

    Accordion CSimple. You can boost your wallet any time by paying the amount beyond your balance as a debit payment. It’s a simple and easy process.ontent

  • How do I use Zeropay at online stores?

    Once you load your card by paying the down payment on the online wallet screen, we give you a payment card number with a CVV and an expiration date for your purchase. For certain purchases we may give you a gift card coupon number to complete your purchase.

  • How do I use Zeropay at Offline stores?

    It’s really easy. Just open the QR code scanner on the Zeropay app and Scan any merchant UPI ID QR code and pay your down payment. Your purchase will be turned into an EMI.

  • How do I make repayment and downpayment on Zeropay?

    You can pay us using any type of payment from Net Banking to UPI transfer. We are powered by YES bank and use Cashfree as our payment gateway.

  • How does Zeropay EMI work?

    We convert any payment within your ZeroPay balance into an EMI. There’s no downpayment and the entire amount is due in intervals of 2 weeks in a total of 6 weeks from the date of purchase. Just follow the cycle of 34%-33%-33% every two weeks. We charge 0% interest and no late fees. You can use ZeroPay at any offline or online store of your choice.

  • How does Zeropay make money?

    We charge a small percentage of the transaction amount to our affiliate partners. Don’t worry we never charge any hidden fees.

  • How do Rewards and Zoop points work?

    You earn ZOOP points every time you use Zeropay. ZOOP points allows you to buy rewards which automatically get added as discounts to your purchases at the point of sale.

  • How does Zeropay Invite Only feature work?

    You can invite your friends and family to use Zeropay via the app, you will earn rewards when ur invitees use Zeropay. If you have not been invited you will be waitlisted, you can jump up the waitlist by completing certain tasks as mentioned on the Zeropay during sign up.

    For any other questions, queries or any help please feel free to contact Zeropay via WhatsApp, Email or simply Call Us if we are not available we will get back to you at the earliest.

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