CNBC Talks About ZeroPay

CNBC Talks About ZeroPay’s Unique Buy Now Pay Later Platform

ZeroPay has made a mark in one of the most popular financial, economic and business info sources in India, CNBC TV. The financial news website and TV channel is one of the subsidiary companies of Network 18.

The article, published on 20th Nov, talks about the unique way ZeroPay has used the BNPL model with a significant difference from its peers. The advantages that ZeroPay users get with respect to hidden charges, late payment fees and interest charges – are ZERO charges at ZeroPay.

The article has talked about ZeroPay intending to pass on the realistic advantage of BNPL to the end-users who are looted exorbitant amounts of interest by credit card companies in the name of late charges, processing fees and astronomical interest charges.

Our efforts towards easing up the biggest clog in any financial process – documentation and verification – is also made note of in the article. The entire KYC process takes less than a minute to get done with!

Also, CNBC TV has shed light on the convenience ZeroPay offers to their users with its ‘shop from anywhere’ feature with credit limit ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 50,000.

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