Breaking The Societal Stigma

Let’s Talk Period!

Dear ladies, we know that the pain is real and the struggle you go through every month to brave those stomach cramps, bone breaking bouts of pain and the needless discomfort just to put up a brave face and come to work. It’s not only annoying but also embarrassing to be constantly on guard and keep an eye out for that stain on the back of your dress or on the chair.

At Zeropay, we are building a culture of well-being and inclusion for all our employees and understand that women are born with different biological certainties. We believe in not just creating the future of fintech in India but also building an adaptable workspace for all our employees.

As a result, we have introduced an optional one period leave every month for all our female employees (trans women included). Zeropay’s period leave policy allows our employees to take the time off work and deal with their period without having to use up their sick leaves or the ordeal of the ‘period stigma’.

What do you need to know to avail your period leave?

The period leave is introduced to inculcate a culture of inclusion and should not be abused or clubbed with any other leaves.

Reach out to your reporting manager/hr if you need to avail your period leave.

Keep your team informed and proactively communicate if deadlines may get impacted.

Rest well and take care.

Breaking the societal stigma

As a new age organization Zeropay is focused on putting a period on the social stigma around mensuration and create equitable and comfortable working conditions for all the employees. With our period policy we believe it will not only help women and trans women employees stay more productive but also minimize any potential negative impact on their work.

Afterall, it’s high time we broke the age-old barriers and embraced the new.

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